Lighthouse Recovery Community Center

People get better &
recovery works


Peer Support

A relationship built to empower recovery and wellness with a provider who is also living a recovery lifestyle.

Employment Skill Development

Identifying and assisting  individuals in removing barriers to obtaining employment.

Recovery and Wellness  Management

Educating participants about skills and practices that  will enhance their recovery journey.

Individual Living Skills

Learning day to day activities and building skills that will support health and independence.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn and practice different ways to ground  and connect to the present moment.

Parent and Family Support

Support in improving relationship with children and other family members

kindness, love & acceptance

Each person is treated with dignity and respect

Each step is a success

Celebrating individuals putting their lives back together in the process.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Peer-to-Peer is evidence-based. It is scientifically proven to lower hospitalization, incarceration and crisis utilization.

encourage recovery

Contribute to the positive atmosphere in this recovery center.